Cooking Herbs That Reduce Bloat

There is a lot of truth to that old saying that food is medicine. There are some everyday herbs that have very potent actions on the body. For instance, if you find yourself experiencing bloating form overeating, heat exhaustion, menstruation or menopause there are some foods that are known for helping you eliminate the excess water.

Here is a list of the top herbs that really help to reduce bloating and edema (water retention.)

Alfalfa Sprouts – Aside from being an effective diuretic, alfalfa alkalizes and detoxifies the body.  It also eases inflammation and helps cranky women have balanced hormones.

Burdock – This is tough root that is best steamed or baked but it is a very effective diuretic that purifies the blood, restores liver function and helps the immune system. If you suffer from gout because of drinking or an addiction, burdock root or leaves drunk in a hot tea can really help you remedy the problem.

Chamomile Tea – if you are feeling both bloated and stressed than chamomile tea is a good remedy as it helps calm you while cleaning out your kidneys. Chamomile also helps remedy headaches and insomnia.  However, if you have a known allergy to ragweed you may not want to eat this herb, as it is technically a member of the ragweed family.

Dandelion –  You can do just about anything with dandelion. You can steam it, stir-fry it, put it in soup or eat it raw. It is a very effective restorative for the liver and blood purifier.

Fennel – Fennel is a mild diuretic that is very effective if you also suffer from digestion.  You can drink a tea made from the seeds or leaves or eat the vegetable sliced up and then steamed, broiled or boiled.

Mustard Greens _ Mustard greens add an amazing spicy element to stir-fries and salads. Mustard greens helps relieve inflammation as well as eliminate any bloating in the body.

Turmeric – This spice gives curry its yellow color. Aside from being a mild diuretic it also protects the liver from many toxins. It also has antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Sometimes all you have to do to affect a cure is eat the right foods.  For an extra boost of effectiveness trying eating these foods raw or juiced.

Another good thing about these herbs is that they are non-toxic, meaning you can eat a lot of them and not suffer any ill effects.   You can put them in salads, sandwiches or just add them to soups or any recipe that you like.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet


The Paleo Diet is also known as the caveman diet with good reason: it’s based on the diet that our primal ancestors. While there are some cons to the Paelo Diet, there are also tons of health benefits from eating like humans did 10,000 years ago.

#1 No processed food. Simply put, cavemen didn’t have to worry about eating organic because everything was organic and natural without preservatives and artificial ingredients.

#2. It reduces bloat. Drinking water and avoiding salt are principles of the Paleo Diet.

#3. It’s high in fruits and vegetables. Besides protein, the majority of the Paleo Diet eating plan is made up of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

#4. High in healthy fats. The Paleo Diet is high in omega-3 rich fish and nuts.

#5 t’s filling. Between the proteins, the healthy fats and the fruits and vegetables, it’s hard to go hungry.

#6 Limits Fructose. The paleo diet recognizes that the human body digests fructose differently than other carbs. This is why the paleo diet suggests limiting and strategically choosing the perfect fruit.

#7 More Energy. Every wonder why energy drinks have become so popular? It’s because everyone’s diet sucks!

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How to Serve Acai

The Acai berry is the fruit of the Acai Palm. This is a species of palm trees native to Central and South America.  The tree grows over 13 feet in height and bears big dark purple berries. The fruit produces twice yearly and just one tree usually produces thousands of the berries. It is native to the Amazon rainforest and indigenous Brazilians have been using it to treat ailments and support recovery from illness for thousands of years. The Acai berry is so nutritious that it has been known to sustain the indigenous peoples of the Amazon through times of famine. The fruit is small, purple and perfectly round; about one inch in circumference.


The berries are also powerful anti-inflammatories that can help reduce pain and soreness and anecdotal evidence suggests that they also act as a mild anti-depressant.


The Acai berry also contains anthocyanins, fiber, plant sterols, and both omega 6 and omega 3 essential fatty acids. Acai also contains five hundred times more vitamin C than oranges, making it a valuable anti-aging food. It also promotes weight loss.  They are one of the few fruits that contain most of the amino acids that comprise a full protein.


You can find Acai juice quite easily in most grocery stores but be sure to check labels to make sure it is not “cut” too heavily with other juices such as grape or apple.

The most common Acai product available is the frozen pulp but once again be sure to read labels to make sure that there is no sugar added.  Acai should be the first ingredient on the label and not sugar or some other kind of fruit or additive.

The raw berries are mostly available in organic or specialty markets, organic and health food markets and in Asian or Far Eastern markets.

Acai is sold either as fresh raw berries, as a frozen berry or pulp and as a powder.


The Acai berry is 90% seed and only 1% of the berry is actually edible. That is why it is often sold only as a puree of skin and pulp that is frozen.


If you are making a sherbet or other frozen dessert than using the frozen pulp or frozen berries may shorten the chilling time for the desert.  The quality or the taste of the berry is not affected at all by freezing.

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