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In The Pink With Pink Lipsticks

There is something so sexy about pink lipstick and the whiter and lighter the better if you really want to get that sixties look.  It is a look adopted by many but especially Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy.  The Edie Sedgewick look is currently being marketed in kits for those who cannot figure out how to get this mod sixties look by themselves.


The biggest thing about choosing your lipstick color is to choose the right skin tone. For instance if you are Asian you need to go for a warmer deeper pink. If you are fair it is not a good idea to go to white. Blue pinks look better on some people rather than baby pinks.  It’s all about the skin tone.


There are some really great blue based tone lipsticks on the market out there. One of them is MAC “Lovelorn.” Its sheer and goes well with naturally pink lips. It is the type of thing you could see Sienna Miller wearing every day.


A spectacular pink that MAC makes is called St. Germain. It has a strong lilac base and it looks cupcake frosting. It looks best with darker or tanned skins.


If you love frosted pinks than MAC’s Bombshell is a good choice.  This is a frosted warm baby pink. It looks like garish cotton candy.  Mac makes a number of really fabulous pinks. One of them is Pink Nouveau which is quite garish with a purple tin and looks like something Katy Perry would wear. However Pink Nouveau looks good on people with olive or darker skins.


If you like the dark candy pinks then marks make a nice loud retro pink called Schlap. It is an eighties style pink. The kind of thing you would see Blondie wear.


Peachy tones look good on most people and MAC makes a really nice one called Chatterbox. It is reminiscent of the color on Malibu Barbie. This lipstick has a bit more orange on it and is very seventies in flair.


Yet another great MAC lipstick with a yellow orange undertone is MAC Please Me. This is a perfect bubblegum pin. It is semi-matte and dark enough to define your lips without making your lips look harsh. It is perfect for every day wear.


MAC makes a special Lady Ga Ga pink. This is called “Lady Gaga” and is a baby aspirin color with a very strong sheen.


Picking the best pink lipsticks is tricky business. Be sure to be there to try them on in person for best results.

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