The Thierry Muegler Alien Perfumes

One of the most addictive and captivating scents ever invented is Alien by Thierry Muegler.  The newest edition is called Thierry Mugler Alien Eau Extraordinaire; this is a very sunny and positive fragrance that contains a compelling top note blend of Tunisian neroli with tea and bergamot.  The heart of the scent is the exotic Tiare flower warmed with amber.  This is a very tranquil fragrance meant to create a feeling of happiness in women.  It comes in a delicate clear bottle with a gold and diamante stopper.

One of the most impressive scents in the Alien line up is also one of its simplest. Alien Eau Luminescente was launched in 2008  as a summer scent and is composed of the Tiare flower, mandarin and white amber. The compact bottle looks like a topaz gemstone.  A wonderful variation of this scent was also launched in a bright pink bottle again in 2013 with the mandarin replaced by the sharp, luminous notes of pink grapefruit

In 2009 Thierry Mugler came out with a very strong aged version of the perfume called Alien Liqueur de Parfum that is dominated by rum notes along with the jasmine, woody accords and amber. This Alien perfume that comes in a very compact flask that looks like a solid crystal, is aged in oak casks.

A very interesting scent was Taste of Fragrance that was released in the fall of 2011. This was a fragrance composed by Master French Chef Helene Darozze.  She added caramel and Sambac jasmine to notes of cashmere, wood and white amber.

The big news in 2012 was the Alien Aqua Chic Eau de Toilette that was made of ginger water, lemon verbena freesia and warm notes of wood and amber.  It was marketed in a crystal flacon as a pale lilac liquid.

All love the Alien perfumes are based on the original scent that first came out in 2005. It came in a purple bottle that looked like a large sparkling amethyst. This perfume was composed of white amber at the base, woodsy notes in the middle not and sunny Indian Jasmine as the top notes.  A variation of the original was launched in a solid purple gem shaped crystal bottle.  Called Alien Pierre Initiatique Edition it contains a single top note of Tiara flower, a middle note of cashmeran (an oriental wood) and a base note of amber.

You can still find many of the variations of even the older Alien fragrances in drug stores and cosmetic stores.  Even limited edition versions have been available year after year.


Scented Gifts That Speak of Love

If you have a girlfriend that has broken up with someone or who is feeling a bit down you can give her a gift that helps her attract love or put out a vibe to attract someone new.  Even just a bouquet of flowers can help cheer up a woman who feels rejected or like dating is pointless.  You need to remind her how sexy she is and that she is still desirable.


Flowers that symbolize the emotion of love include daffodils, lilies, tulips, asters, bleeding hearts, daisies, roses, gardenia, lavender, orchid, poppy, primrose, periwinkle, hyacinth, trilliums, violet, and geranium.  Giving these flowers as the real thing or as ceramic sculptures or as a decorative motif on any item says, “I love you” or “I attract love.”


Some flower combinations actual symbolize finding a mate.  Honeysuckles symbolize finding a marriage partner who is rich, which is perfect for that girlfriend who is a bit of a gold-digger. Irises symbolize a woman who is going to be the Queen in any relationship; she will be respected like a goddess. The peony is a flower that symbolizes the union of two souls.  Giving your single girlfriend a picture of two peony blossom is an ancient tradition in Asia; the energy of the work of art is said to help her attract a true soulmate.


Roses of course are the absolute classic flower of love with red roses symbolizing passion and pink ones symbolizing a more pure love. White roses are given to someone that you respect. Handing someone a yellow rose means that you know that they have deceived you.


Rose perfume is also a very romantic gift, especially if it is rose absolute. In India there are some very expensive oils made from different varieties of roses. Yet another very expensive love oil is pure carnation oil. This is very hard to get and it is worth a king’s ransom if you can find it.


Yet another very romantic scent from India is patchouli. Patchouli also has the added element of arousing lust as one of its properties. The same is true of musk and amber.  Thierry Muegler is a perfumer that makes scents that contain many of these components.

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Blood Orange Scents

Blood Orange perfumes and fragrances have been trendy the last couple of years.  Blood oranges are called this because they look bloody when cut open.  Many different cultivars of this beautiful smelling citrus fruit are used in perfume including Tarocco, Moro, Anguinello, Ruby Blood, Burris and Entre Fine.


The crisp, sweet and light scent of Blood Orange is perfect for summer because it is cooling and refreshing yet warm and sexy at the same time.  There are several perfume companies that are offering these great scents to their customers for the summer.


A new blood orange scent for 1013 is Blood Oranges by Shay & Blue.  This is a citrus fragrance that both men and women can wear that was launched in 2013.  The top note is blood orange and it is grounded in leather, musk, woody notes and amber.


In 2012 Alice & Peter came out with a sweet blood orange scent called Bloody Orange.  The idea was to make it smell like a cup cake. This perfume which has a bottle that looks like a cupcake has top notes of orange, lemon, bergamot and grapefruit and very unseal mid notes such as carrots, cyclamen, lotus, jasmine, cumin, saffron and cinnamon. The base is amber, cedar patchouli, white musk, caramel and vanilla.  Many people compare to the smell to a mix of oranges and carrot cake.


The classic 4711 company that has been around for over a century and a half created a blood orange cologne in March 2010 called Acqua Colonia.  This is a very simple but beautiful fragrance that combines the sharp sweetness of the blood orange with the spicy scent of basil.  The glass flacon is also a collectible with a printed retro glass design with a cushion relief.


Another nice orange blood mix is that of Blood Orange & Veviter which was created for both men and women by Solvohie.  This is a heavier scent with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and sandalwood.  It is definitely more suitable for wearing at night.


A very affordable and powerful blood orange scent that has been powerful for several years is Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica, which has top notes of raspberry and strawberry and very strong and lasting middle note of blood orange.  The base notes are mandarin orange and sweet orange. If you don’t want a blood orange scent with vanilla in it (quite hard to find)  then this is a good choice.


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Top Scents to Have You Smelling Like A Lady

If you are looking for a perfume to drive him crazy but that still is seductive enough to drive him crazy. you have a lot of options. One of the classic scents of this ilk is the legendary Shalimar that has been on the market since 1925. This is a sultry scent that is a mix of lemon, bergamot, sandalwood, musk, vanilla and patchouli.  Shalimar is the centerpiece of the House of Guerlain.


Another scent is Lovely by Sara Jessica Parker. It has been around a few years but it is already a classic. This is an award winning perfume that is extra girly. It is a mix of lavender, patchouli and orchids that gives you that “Sex and the City” type allure.


Givenchy makes a great scent called Angel au Demon which is a combination of florals, musk, mandarin, saffron, ylang ylang, pallisander wood and vanilla. This is for the woman that is smart, pure and idealistic.  It’s a beautiful beguiling scent for the intelligent woman to wear out if she wants to attract a man with good taste.


Romance by Ralph Lauren is also known for it’s seductive qualities. It is a combination of sweet tangerine, freesia and chamomile with just a hint of saffron, basil, tiger lilies and Indian basil. It is marketed as being “the scent” for falling in love.


Boucheron, the seductive scent from the house of Boucheron, is one of those heavier scents that are best to wear to a formal occasion. The scent is a combination of tangerine, orange, jasmine and orange flowers. The top notes are vanilla and amber.


A classic Chypre perfume is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. This scent is not as heavy as Chanel No. 5, Coco or any of the other classic perfumes made by the esteemed house. The scent is a combination of citrus notes with a woodsy base and laced with orange, bergamot, jasmine vetiver and patchouli.  The scent has a sharp initial burst of citrus, which then mellows into a musky smell.


A sophisticated and very adult scent is Black Cashmere by Donna Karan It is good to wear to an office or shop. I tis a mix of saffron, clove, rose, white pepper and patchouli. It is unusual enough to get attention but not so overpowering that it overwhelms those around you.


A little more fun and flirty but still quite powerful is Princes by Vera Wang. This is a sensual mix of golden apricot, vanilla and a hint of dark chocolate. You will smell sophisticated and almost good enough to eat at the same time.

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