Looking Glamorous Without Aging Yourself

The problem with most “glam” make-up looks is that they can age you.  That is because there is a lot of layers and foundation that give you an impersonal mask-like look. .  Older women can look even older if they go for the darker colors that you see recommended for most evening looks. The dark blue shadows and black lipsticks associated with these looks are too extreme for even young faces to wear well. However fixing this issue is simply a matter of still using dark make-up colors, but changing the palette so that whatever shade you use on the lips or eyes is still intense but not in a dark color.


This is one instance where the application of a heavier foundation is going to look the best.  Apply a light layer of light to medium-coverage foundation and a concealer where needed. Be sure to apply powder to the canvas of your face after you are done so that the make up sets properly.


Line your eyes using a deep maroon or burgundy color instead of the usual black or blue and bring the color to the edge of the eye to create a slight wing tip.  You could also use a color like olive green or forest green but make sure that whatever color you use suits your complexion.  Don’t line the bottom part of the eye.   Apply two coats of black or very dark brown mascara to the top lashes and be sure to coat the bottom lashes heavily to create more impact.  Dab a bit of gold eye shadow or pink eyes shadow in the center of each eyelid for a glossy effect.


Sweep a darker tawny or almost brown powder in the hollows of your cheeks to create drama and then line your lips thickly with a pencil in a matching burgundy or brown shade.  Fill in your lips with a complementary shade of very dark burgundy lipstick and apply a dab of gold powder in the center of your lips to make them look fuller, luscious and wider.  If you want to be more subtle than try doing this look in cooler tones of silver, flesh and pink tones. You will look a little more like a retro-sixties girl but the effect will be very hip and glamorous.


The result is a sophisticated glamorous look that is not “too” street-wise, aging  or overdone.


The London Look Make-Up Experience for Spring

The London Look is also a Mod look and it has a few basic components. The eyeliner must be winged, the eyelashes must be long and fluttery (or fake) and complimented by nude or light pink lipstick.  Also part of the look is high teased hair, side parts and bouffants. When this look was pioneered all the make up was on the eyes and the lips were left nude. Neat curved eyebrows served as a frame for the elaborate eyeliner looks.


The foundation of the look is dewy slightly pale skin tone.  The London Look also entails that you wear very heavy black eyeliner but only applied on the upper lid. Eyeliner is never applied on the lower lid. The lower lid is left pale because it gives your eyes a wider, round-eyed look.  A light eye shadow is recommended for the lid with a deeper brown or tan color roughing and defining eh eye sockets.  A suitable eye shadow color is a pastel blueberry hue, which is very much in fashion this spring and summer.  Some make up looks are also including heavy mixes of green on the lids and a lighter blue all over the upper brow.


To accomplish the look the lashes must be well curled.  A heated eyelash curler does the look the best.  Apply the mascara to the lower lashes first starting with the outer corner and then working your way inwards to make the top lashes very lush and long.


One thing to remember about make-up palettes at this time is that they are very black and white. Color was a rarer occurrence back in the sixties. Yet another thing to remember is that eyelashes on the lower li were just as prominent as the eyelashes on the upper lids.


A very important part of this look is the side part. Be sure to backcomb the area at the crown and softly sweep the hair across to the other side.  A bouffant should be the accompaniment to this makes up look or it may look a bit out of date or inappropriate.


The make up company that is flogging the London Look in an advertising campaign at the moment is Rimmel cosmetics however it was Mary Quant cosmetics and Max Factor that were authentically associated with the look in the 1960s.  Celebrities and models such as Lulu, Marianne Faithful and Twiggy wore the looks.


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Signs Your Make Up Is Making You Unwell


If make up gets old, contaminated or dirty, it can make you sick. This is why it is important to throw out make-up that is too old t o wear.


One sign that your make-up might be making you ill is if you have skin irritation. Old perfumes, foundations and moisturizers can cause this.  Even washing pads, like Olay wipes and other skin cleaning products can cause problems.  Another culprit when it comes to skin irritation is perfume, shaving creams and hair removal waxes.


If you are experiencing itchy eyes, crusty eyes or pink eye (known as conjunctivitis) then the culprit can be your eye make up. Make sure that your eyeliners, mascara and other make up is not older than three months.  Sometimes the culprit is a brush or applicator or your eyelash curler.


If your skin looks darker than usual it can mean that you are using old or bacteria-ridden powder.  Skin that is under stress can get darker. Make sure you toss out any powdered makeup after two years and any liquid make up that is over six months old. Try not to leave your makeup in humid or warm area.


One way to prevent your makeup or make up tools from becoming infected is to clean your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial gel before you use it. At home washing your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap can also prevent germs from infecting your make up.


Sometimes it is not contaminated make up that is making you ill. It can be what is in the make up that can be the problem. Some ingredients in make up can cause people to have mood swings; this is thought to be connected to hormones.  Mercury in cosmetics can also cause nausea, restlessness and other problems.


Memory loss can be the result of using make-up that contains mercury or other metals. Mercury is also linked to learning problems or affect your ability to memorize information.  This is turn can be linked to impairments and birth defects. If you are not doing well in school the culprit might very well be your make up. Mercury in make up can also cause such serious symptoms as tremors, vertigo and headaches.


If you start noticing some hair loss, the culprit could be your make up!  Metals in make up can make people sick and make them lose their hair.  This is due to certain toxic color additives.


In order to prevent environmental sensitivities from affecting you make an effort to-do some research about the brand of make up you is buying for you do buy it.




How to Look Like a Bond Girl

Do you want to look like a sex siren from a James Bond movie? Here are a few tips for making it happen.


To look like Naomie Harris in Skyfall make sure you keep your make-up in the nude range but your clothing bright and spectacular.  Wear only shimmering bronzer, nude eyeliner and a slick nude gloss. This is the classy Bond Girl who wears a lot of red. One of her signature looks in the film was a loose red shirt, slim pencil skirt in red and a tan belt and shoes.


One trademark shared by all of the Bond girls is super shiny hair. One of the best ways to get this is to use a hair dryer with positive ions in your beauty routine. It is also a good idea to use a hair oil after you wash your hair to make it gleam. Make sure you massage the ends so that every single shaft of your  hair lies correctly, reflects the light and looks shiny.  The Bond Girl that did this one right was Berenice Marlohe – the Bond girl with the long gleaming black locks.


Halle Barry as Jinx Johnson was another famous Bond Girl. She was the Bond Girl who was not afraid to use a bit of hair gel to create a unique look. Her character was also not afraid to dress in unique colors. Remember that orange retro bikini she wore?  It made her stand out from the rest of the women on the beach like an exotic bird!  Do not be afraid to add a little color into your life in this way. Wear a startling color.


You can take a make up tip from Bond Girl Vespa Lynd. She was the perfect underplayed vamp. She had dark eye make up that was very thin but big lips rouged in with dark red lipstick.  Gleaming locks, protected with oils and shine enhancers are part of her beauty regime as well.


Another femme fatale was Famke in Goldeneye where she played the character of Xenia Onatopp. Smudge eyeliner, dark red nails and nails and coiffed hair made her look fantastic. She is one of the few Bond girls who could real rock a leather jacket.


One of the most attractive of the retro-look Bond girls was Gemma Arterton in Quantum Solace. The character of Mrs. Fields had a unique look. Big necklaces, shift dresses and nude lips teamed up with cat eye style eyeliner to create a vintage femme fatale.

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