Looking Glamorous Without Aging Yourself

The problem with most “glam” make-up looks is that they can age you.  That is because there is a lot of layers and foundation that give you an impersonal mask-like look. .  Older women can look even older if they go for the darker colors that you see recommended for most evening looks. The dark blue shadows and black lipsticks associated with these looks are too extreme for even young faces to wear well. However fixing this issue is simply a matter of still using dark make-up colors, but changing the palette so that whatever shade you use on the lips or eyes is still intense but not in a dark color.


This is one instance where the application of a heavier foundation is going to look the best.  Apply a light layer of light to medium-coverage foundation and a concealer where needed. Be sure to apply powder to the canvas of your face after you are done so that the make up sets properly.


Line your eyes using a deep maroon or burgundy color instead of the usual black or blue and bring the color to the edge of the eye to create a slight wing tip.  You could also use a color like olive green or forest green but make sure that whatever color you use suits your complexion.  Don’t line the bottom part of the eye.   Apply two coats of black or very dark brown mascara to the top lashes and be sure to coat the bottom lashes heavily to create more impact.  Dab a bit of gold eye shadow or pink eyes shadow in the center of each eyelid for a glossy effect.


Sweep a darker tawny or almost brown powder in the hollows of your cheeks to create drama and then line your lips thickly with a pencil in a matching burgundy or brown shade.  Fill in your lips with a complementary shade of very dark burgundy lipstick and apply a dab of gold powder in the center of your lips to make them look fuller, luscious and wider.  If you want to be more subtle than try doing this look in cooler tones of silver, flesh and pink tones. You will look a little more like a retro-sixties girl but the effect will be very hip and glamorous.


The result is a sophisticated glamorous look that is not “too” street-wise, aging  or overdone.


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