Wearing Old-Fashioned Garter Belts

Garter belts are back in style again.  They are so very Madmen. The key to wearing garter belts and stockings is to buy the right size lingerie in the first place. It is always stocking that are too small or a garter belt that is too large that causes stockings to slip, wrinkle and fall down.



Women who want to feel sexy during the day say that the best way to wear this lingerie is to buy the type of garter belt that has four clips at the back instead of two and clip the right size of stocking very securely to them. However no matter what you can expect this type of lingerie to ride down on your legs. Garter belts and stockings do slide a bit no matter what you do. Sometimes the problem is that you have the stockings hitched on to the garters too tightly and the result is belt that drags down.



Sometimes the lacier the garter belt is the more delicate it is and the pull of the stockings causes them to drag.  Women who want to wear this type of lingerie every day to work often recommend wearing Lycra and cotton versions. The top of the belt should not be stretchy and fit well over the hip. The garter belt that is not likely to fall is the one that is kept up by your hipbones.  You should also choose a garter belt that has very long garter belt straps, as that is more likely to prevent stockings from falling down.



To avoid tugging and pulling of the garters you need to constantly check the tension on the suspenders. There should be some slack so the stockings don’t pull the belt down completely when you sit down or bed over.



You can also choose from two different types of girdles when it comes to this type of lingerie’s. The old fashioned type of garter belt has an open bottom. These tend to stay up well and also give your body the nicest shape. The open bottomed girdle looks best under loose, longer skirts.



One tip is to not wear underwear when you wear an open girdle. This is because this type of girdle is meant to be kept on even while you are going to the washroom.



Whether you are wearing an open bottom girdle or not you are likely to get quite hot wearing one. This is especially true in the summer. However many women are glad to put up with this as a garter belt and stockings makes them look so hot.



Padded Panties

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