Awesome Vitamin A Restores Hair Color

If you have sparse hair, dandruff problems or your hair does not seem as think the experts are saying that it might be due to a lack of Vitamin A.  This is particularly true of women who are still smoking and are younger.  Women who are overweight or have insulin resistance also don’t absorb enough Vitamin A and the result of this shows in the texture and the thickness of the hair and also the health of scalp.


Does your hair suddenly seem a bit dry and brittle.  Is it losing its color too?   Having enough vitamin A in your diet is crucial as it is necessary for the production of sebum, the oily substance that is produced by the sebaceous glands that helps to keep your scalp at the proper moisture levels.  It also helps your body produce the compounds it needs to prevent hair from losing its pigment and going gray or white.  So before you get out the hair dye consider taking Vitamin A instead.


A surplus of sebum creates a scalp clogged with oil. If you do not have enough then a dry flaking scalp is the result. Both situations indicate an imbalance that could be remedied by taking more Vitamin A.  Blocked follicles cause hair to die and an overproduction of sebum due to a lack of vitamins causes issues.


Vitamin A hair supplements are very easy to come by at your local drug store and work most effectively if you can take them it in the ACE form, which means that you are taking Vitamins A, C and E all at once.  You can find some formulas that contain biotin and extra iron, which are also helpful for hair that is looking listless for nutritional reasons.


Whenever possible you should try and get your hair vitamins from food and only resort to supplements if you really feel your body is not absorbing the nutrients properly. Foods that are rich in vitamin A include sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, melon, oranges and mangoes. In fact, any time you feel that you are short on Vitamin A, eat a fruit or vegetable that is colored orange.


The liquid formulas work best because your body absorbs the Vitamin A immediately. Pill forms are less effective as they have binders and fillers that make it hard for someone to absorb the vitamins fully. You can also get a formula that combines A, C and E that increases the effect of all three vitamins.


Wearing Wedding Flowers in Your Hair

One of the nicest of trending spring and summer wedding fashions is to wear a tiara of blooms in your hair. This is so much more spiritual than wearing a crown of pearls and rhinestones on your head. Pearls and rhinestones are much more suited for the winter months. In the Spring it is important to look vibrant and youthful and fresh.


If you wear a wreathe of flowers at your wedding it means that you do not have to wear a veil.  Without any kind of veil you will look like an Occupy Love style flower child bride. If you add the veil to a tiara of flowers the look suddenly looks more like it is from the fifties and sixties.  A shorter veil that is more like a tuft than a drape looks good with a fresh flower crown.


Tiaras are beautiful but instead of wearing a crown of blooms you might consider wearing flowers woven into a braid or a bun.  This is a simple and elegant look that is easy to achieve. Single blooms can also easily be added to a clip or a barrett.  Some brides prefer to wear just one large bloom in their hair or behind their ear.  This is a custom that is very common to Hawaii.  The hair must also be very sleek and well-groomed for this look to succeed. Of course make sure that the flower is not too large. You don’t want everybody staring at the giant blossom in your hair instead of you on the big day!


In the Western World women tend to wear smaller flowers in their hair.  Traditionally these flowers can tend to be white or a pastel color. However nowadays you see brides wearing brightly colored and even dyed flowers in their hair including orange, blue and even green blooms.  Miniature roses, calla lilies and orchids look nice in a bride’s hair. However, if you wanted to be very traditional then email gardenias, roses, orchids and lilies. If you want a retro look then be sure to wear mums, chrysanthemums or daisies in your hair.  The yellow and white combination is very reminiscent of brides striding down the aisle in mid- century America.


If you fear that your flowers might wilt on the big day  then there is absolutely no harm in using silk replications.  Silk flowers are very well made these days and look just like the real thing.


Wind chimes look beautiful and sound beautiful. They are manufactured from every material imaginable now so there is a type of wind chime to suit every type of personality.


One thing that is even more important than how a wind chime looks is to consider how it sounds.  Like anything you buy there are both high quality and low quality wind chimes.   If amazing acoustic noise is important tan you might want to go for a high quality set of piano type wind chimes that are made of brass, nickel, aluminum or a metal alloy. These types of wind chimes hang in a lateral way and are constructed out of hollow tubes. Each tube has its own unique tone that harmonizes with the rest. You can get these in versions that are as large as organ pipes or as tiny as a kid’s piano. .


If the gift is for a child then you can buy all kinds of wind chimes that are made from many kinds of interesting materials including precious stones, metals and plastic. Many of the plastic versions feature translucent cartoon characters or happy motifs that are meant to knock together in the wind. You can even buy wind chimes that you can wind up or plug in so that they rotate over a baby’s cradle.


If you need a gift for a nature lover then get wind chimes made out of natural materials such as petrified wood, or sea shells. Wind chimes made out of agate slices have a particularly pleasant sound.


If the person you are buying the gift for is really into Feng Shui cures then you can’t go wrong getting them a set of wind chimes that are made from hollow flumes of bamboo. When they clank together these bamboo rods make a particularly pleasing sound. They are also an ages old cure for dispersing bad energy. Wherever they are hung in the home they are bound to improve the auspiciousness of the area that the area symbolizes. For instance, bamboo chimes hung in the center of the home can go a long way to dispersing stagnant chi (energy) to do with health as the center of the home symbolizes the health sector.

Relaxing and Straightening Hair Tips

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It has been known for decades that chemical straightness and relaxants is bad for your hair and can cause baldness loss. Still that is not going to prevent women from straightening their hair to get that glossy, fashionable look.



If you must use chemical relaxants and straighteners to look your best here are some tips for conducting the process so that you can protect your health and hair.



Tip #1 – Avoid products with lye in it.  Lye, is in effect, a dangerous poison that causes burns and cancer. Lye also causes the kind of dermatitis that leads to permanent hair loss. It also has the long term effect of lowering your immune system.



Tip #2 – Do not use chemical hair straighteners and relaxers if your scalp has an affliction or infection. This is because relaxing your hair can actually cause permanent hair loss



Tip #3 – Always apply a protective layer of petroleum based jelly or cream to the scalp to prevent the hair solution fro touching your scalp.  This prevents it from burning or absorbing chemicals that could cause hair loss or balding.



Tip #4 – You can avoid losing your hair by making sure that you complete rinse your hair with warm water after the relaxer chemical has been applied and allowed to set in your hair for the prescribed time. This is crucial or your hair can break off in mid-strnd.



Tip #5  — The chemical should only be applied to hair that is not relaxed. This can cause breakage of the hair



Tip #6 – Quickly and efficiently remove all of the hair relaxant from the hair with water once it’s “time is up” to prevent damage and burning to hair and the scalp. It is a good idea to use a Color Indicator shampoo which turns a certain color to tell you when the entire product has been rinsed out of the hair.



Tip #7 – To make sure that you do not burn yourself or your hair consider getting any type of hair straightening procedure done professionally.  It is hard for what you are doing. If you can’t afford to get it done by a salon professional then ask a friend to help you.  A second eye monitoring the process can help prevent any further damage from being done.



It is crucial that the person applying the chemicals should also wear gloves, a  smock and protective clothing so that he or she is also not affected and at risk of contracting cancer or hair loss.

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Restores Shine & Softness to Damaged Hair


DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment is based on Moroccan Argan Fruit Oil, has the unique lightweight formula that is easily absorbed by hair without weighing it down. It restores shine and softness while strengthening brittle hair. This treatment replenishes nourishment to dry, damaged, and color treated hair and protects hair from heat caused by styling and UV damage. Restores shine and softness to dry, damaged, and colored treated hair.

This treatment also has the unique property of speeding up blow dry time by up to 30%! The heat from the blow dryer makes the treatment more viscous, allowing it to penetrate into the hair, displacing water trapped under the cuticle and allowing your blow dryer to finish the hair quickly.

Unlike other Argan Oil based Treatments, DermOrganic contains no alcohol, no dyes, and no artificial preservatives.

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