The secret of having a flawless, gorgeous, young looking skin.

I always follow a good skin care regiment at home, no matter how tired and lazy I feel.  I find it crucial to clean my face every day and every night with products the combine the best of science and nature with PH correct.  The skin is a living, powerful, and unchanging organ, as well as the second largest functioning organ of the body.  Skin protects by preventing bacteria, germs, and pollutants from entering the blood stream.  Everything we put on our skin is absorbed like a sponge and goes through every vital organ.  If you ever have a suspicious looking mole, you should immediate visit a specialist like, Plantation Skin Cancer Surgery, to make sure it is not cancer. Our skin breaths our waste and toxins, and takes in oxygen, moisture and nutrients.  Toxins are playing a big piece in our health and are particularly being linked to cancers. I extremely recommend to be very selective with what you decide to put in your skin every day, your body deserves the best and ultimately you will look and feel great.

Simple Beauty Tips and Tricks

If you want to be as gorgeous and chic as the big stars then you might be interested in a few of these tips and tricks.


For instance, for years women have been thought that the way to apply a fragrance is to spray it on the wrists and then rub them together vigorously. This can actually degrade the way the fragrance transmits the different notes in the scent to the air. Instead just apply it and let the air hit the scent for a while.


If you want smooth luscious legs that you would be proud to wear bare than add a tiny amount of a foundation that matches your skin to a body lotion and mix it in with your lotion. This makes them gleam as well as helps fade away the look of any blemishes, spots or veins.


For longer, lengthier locks you might want to try clip in hair extensions. This is especially helpful for girls who just do not have hair that is very long. The extensions are taken out easily and do not damage your hair like permanant extensions.


A hazard of curling your hair is you can never get it curly right to the ends of the hair where it meets the scalp. This means that the top of your hair can look a bit flat. To keep your tresses lovely spray the flatter parts of your hair with hairspray and tease it very gently. This gives it a bit more of a lift that is compatible with the volume of the rest of your curled hair.


Would you like to look like your cheekbones are more sculpted? If so then use a dark beige or bronze tone of brush in the hollows of your cheeks. Make it look real by using the blush brush in a swirling motion as if you were grinding the powder into the skin.  After that use a rosier, lighter shade right on the apple of the cheeks.


Do you have zits?  One of the fastest ways to heal Themis to just dot on a bit of toothpaste. This dries them up and gets rid of them. Do you need to prevent zits?  Then be a good girl and be sure to wash off all of your makeup before you go to bed at night. Do this no matter how tired you are to keep your complexion as clear as possilbe.

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