The Many Uses of Fabric Softener Sheets

Don’t think that fabric softener sheets are just for throwing in the dryer. There are many handy things that you can do with them that can help make your life feel a bit cleaner and make housework easier.


For instance, dryer sheets can be used to help remove baked on food from pots and oven dishes. You fill the dish with water and put a fabric softener sheet inside. After soaking overnight the baked on food will lift off the dishes. It is probably best to use the unscented kind of fabric sheet for this.


The can also be used to repel bugs. Put one in a lunch bag or picnic basket to repel bugs. You can also rub a sheet right on your skin or clothing to avoid being bitten. One warning though!  Avoid touching these sheets and then rubbing your eyes. The chemicals in the sheets are bad for the eyes.


To keep odors minimized you can drop a couple of heavily scented dryer sheets at the bottom of your waste bins and garbage cans. This is especially helpful if you are living in a college dorm or in a very small apartment.  It helps to keep those unpleasant smells at bay.


Fabric sheets also make handy pet collectors. You simply take a sheet and rub it all over the area that needs cleaning.  Usually the pet hair will be magnetized to the fabric sheet.   You can also use them to remove pet hair from clothing.  Keep a sheet in your coat to remove pet hair.  Rubbing a sheet of fabric softener might also work to deodorize fabric if you use a scented kind. It can help remove tobacco smells from clothing.


Yet another quality of these sheets is that they repel dust. If you rub venation blinds and other surfaces with the fabric softener sheet it can help repel dust from settling back in too quickly.


They really are efficient cleaners and can help do tings like dissolve soap scum off of your shower, bathroom sink and tile floors. Simply wet the sheet down and scrub it until the disappears.


If you have smelly shoes try wiping a fabric softener sheet all over and leaving two sheets inside the shoes over night. This will help remove small dirt particles from the shoes.  The fabric softener sheets are a natural deodorant. You can also leave a sheet in your shoes to help prevent odor from building up in your shoes. Your shoes will always feel ready to go and minus the odor!