bbw dating

Many people are afraid of the unknown and dating is one of them.  Dating can be really hard because you worry about making the first impression.  I once dated this guy I met on BBW Dating. He had  most of the qualities girls always hope to find in a guy very nice person, gentleman, and good looking.  Our first date was at coffee house, we had the chance to interact we laughed, and seem to have an attraction for each other. So, our first date turn out fine.  The second time he invited me to his place, I was a little nervous at first but I wanted to feel okay about it.  He picked me up  at my house and we drove to his place, when he open the door to his apartment the lights were out, so I couldn’t really see anything inside the apartment.  When he reached out to turned the lights on, his apartment looked a complete disaster clothes, shoes, plates, food, and garbage pile up on top of the couch it looked like a busy supermarket.  The place had a strange smell and no matter where I looked for a place to sit, I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t disturbing and disgusting to be around.  It was shocking the way things turn out something so good outside doors, but the total opposite inside doors.  It was a turn off for me, that goes the old saying never judge a book by it’s cover.  He took me home; I erased his number from my phone and never saw him again.