Getting A Professional Ring Tone

The rule of thumb is that the more courteous the ringtone is on your cell, the better impression you will have in a professional situation. When it comes to cellphone ringtones some tunes are much more obnoxious than others.  There are different styles of music available in ringtone libraries and some if it is definitely easier on the nerves than others. For instance a rap tune is probably one of the less courteous of the cellphone ringtones whereas classical music cellphone ringtones are probably a little more polite.  However to appear the most professional possible at a job interview or work do not use a musical ringtone at all.This is because old-fashioned etiquette would dictate that just rudely playing a song that you like without any taste for what those around you might like to hear is bad manners. Still we do it every day. We force other people to here our taste in music via our cell phone ringtones.



You can find ring tones that are more demure and less obtrusive sounding than even the modern ringing digital noises that phones make. In fact one of the most popular of ring tones among working professionals is one that sounds just like an ordinary land line ringing. You can also get antique sounding rings that sound like the bells clanging inside the very old clapper style ringing black wall and desk telephones.



The point here is that it is probably a good idea to be a bit selective of your cellphone ringtones if you find yourself in many different situations during the day. The cellphone ringtones that you play in a nightclub should probably be a lot different than those that you would play at work.  In fact many people don’t let their cell phones ring at all while they are at work.  They put them on vibrate to be polite.



Another way of being courteous in public when it comes to cell phones is to answer them right away. This is especially true if your cell phone ring is loud and obtrusive. The faster you answer it the less your tune will get on the nerves of other people who are close by.



Yet another thing that you must watch out for is turning up your ringtones too loud. Many cell phones have volume controls that allow you to prevent your phone from startling other people when they ring. It is just a good idea to keep it on a low volume as some people can get very aggressive if your phone starts ringing loudly in an inappropriate place such as church or a movie theater. This is also why many people keep their cellphone ringtones as simple as possible.