Silver Bridal Shoes for Fall

Silver bridal shoes were hot five years ago and they are hot again for Fall 2013. Metallic colors in general have been making a come-back in all footwear with the bronzes, light golds and silvers making a comeback in sandals and street shoes.  When it comes to bridal shoes silver matte leather will be the hottest look and for extra glam and shimmer you can go for a pair with dusted glitter.


You will be able to get silver bridal shoes in platform, wedge and also stiletto styles.  However the fashion heels that are coming back for bridal include eighties retro styles such as the short kitten heel, the narrow low wedge heel and the squat court heel.  Thes styles can be a bit hard on the heel to walk in despite their low height but are very elegant and hip at the same time.


Beading and braiding are also very hot when it comes to kitten heel bridal shoe styles.  While browsing for shoes to wear on your wedding day you are going to see styles such as the low flat sandal that is like a thong but boasts braiding instead of straps and huge jewels studding the front.


You have seen those arm bracelets that look like snakes and that coil up the upper arm. Well know you can get wedding shoes that feature a similar snake design that coils up the ankle. These shoes usually have a spike heel or a lower kitten heel and despite a slightly eighties disco flair would look perfect with shorter wedding dresses and also with goddes style flowing long wedding gowns.


You can also get silver shoes that have rows of chains linking the straps together or linking the sole to the back of the heel.  This is also a very glamorous look that usally comes with a silver shoe and that definitely will give your wedding outfit quite a bit of glitz.


These shoes are high heel but and have a kind of flexible chain that cuts across.  If you want a really distinctive look that is both gladiator and kind of Egyptian in style these would do the trick.  They would certainly fit the bill if you wanted to wear them with a Greek Goddess style of dress that have tunic or empire waist styles.


Jesssica Simpson and Vince Cameo Raven both design bridal shoes with very high stiletto shoes with four and half to five inch “picks.”  This type of shoe tend to have deep toe cleavage and thin shiny straps, sometimes rhinestone studded, and glitzy tiny buckles.  The good thing about these shoes is that once you are done getting married in them you can also wear them to the dance club!


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Unusual Silver Engagement Rings

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It used to be that an engagement ring was just a circle. However they have been made in unusual designs.  Silver rings are more in vogue these days just simply because the price of gold has gone through the roof.


If you want to be a bit unusual then one of the coolest designs is the European style known as Russian Wedding Rings. Basically these are three circles of silver that interlock on the finger. You can get these rings in very thick or very thin silver. Many of these designs are also inset with gorgeous stones.  The chunkiest version of this type of ring is most modern and very sixties looking.


In essence the three circles symbolize the couple and God and the union interlocking with the holy guidance of higher powers.


Yet another interesting ring is the spinner ring. This type of ring is a band that features another inlaid piece of silver so that the ring rotates around your finger like a wheel. The nicest ones have a rope like shape that is very elegant and simple.


Of course you can get high-end versions of this ring made by Calvin Klein. About twenty years ago he stole the idea of the Russian ring to create his famous eternity ring, which is made out of three circlets of different types of gold.

You may have noticed that there is a new shape of wedding band around. This type of ring shape crests down into a point. It is called the wishbone shape.

The reason that it has a point is that it is meant to accommodate the really cool pear shaped and marquise shaped single stones that are also so much in vogue.  These large single stones are very much complimented by the inverse V shape of the glamorous wishbone ring.


The wishbone shopped badly is usually between 5mm and 3.5 mm and very much in vogue because chunkier rings like this are definitely in style for 2009.

When buying this type of ring you might also want to make sure that the V does fit the bride in a way so that the point of the V does not dig into the finger in any way.  Usually this is not a problem if the ring is well designed but it can be a challenge if the ring is quite thin.  To make sure it is comfortable by the thicker or larger wishbone shaped ring so the point does not touch the finger.

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