More Creative Nail Art Ideas

One of the trends for Winter & Spring is the diagonal French Manicure. This looks like the classic manicure but it is on a slant. The nail bed is naked but there is a swipe of creamy yellow-white  across the nail.  A jewel and gold sparkles delineating the line between the natural nail and the painted tip makes this look very glamorous; your nails will look like they belong to a platinum snow princess.


The regular white reverse French manicure is also very impressive looking. The bed of the nail is pink and the tips of pink.  Rhinestones and nail jewels can be used to delineate the line between the tips and the naturally colored part of the nail.  If this is a look that is too heavy you can also delineate the line with a simple sparkly nail polish.


Another twist on winter is the Winter Mint look. This is a very pearlescent pale white nail that is tipped with a swipe of mint green pearlescent polish and maybe also a shimmer of mint green metallics.  The lighter the green the more attractive this nail look is going to be.


Another lovely look is a bed of very light lime green that is painted over with light pale gold sparkles.  Make sure there is a bit of grey in the green color and this will make your nails look like it is storming on a cloudy day.


The snowflake theme does not always have to be done on a white nail. It looks very sexy on deep purple or bright red nail. However if you are going to put appliques on a bright red nail, the longer the nail is the better.


Another lovely “winter storm” type look is a bare lower nail that is nude or pink that is tipped with a dark smoky gray color.  There should be a wash of shimmer half way up to the tip. The look can be further accented with white snowflake or swirly appliques.


Baby pink nails can also look very elegant for the winter. Choose a very natural but slightly pink base color with a high gleam. Then cover the tips of the nails only with a white nail polish that is pure white frost.  The effect of this is very girlish and also frosty.


Another elegant look is to use gel to press nail art appliques of white snowflakes in layers across the nail bed until it looks like it is layered with snowflakes.  A top coat of green and blue glitter helps perfect this look.


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